Paneer is a famous homemade indian cheese, often referred to as cottage cheese. Paneer has a delicate, soft and crumbly texture, it is very milky and is used in curries as well as in desserts. You can always buy paneer from supermarkets, but wouldn't a homemade one be healthier? ...and easier? Once you do your own homemade paneer, trust me you're never going to use a store-bought one!

  • Cheesecloth (or just a plain towel like I've used)
  • Stove

  • 1 litre of milk
  • 2-2½ tsp of lime juice [you could use cider vinegar/vinegar/lemon/'or curd']

  • In a saucepan, bring the milk to a boil. Make sure you keep stirring so that no layer forms on the surface and bottom.
  • When the milk starts boiling, that is, it starts to bubble, add a teaspoon of the lime juice.
  • The milk, at this point, should start to curdle. Keep stirring.
  • Add another teaspoon of lime juice. The milk should now completely curdle. If it hasn't add 1/2 teaspoon of lime juice.
  • When the milk has completely curdled, immediately remove the saucepan from heat [otherwise the curdled milk will harden] and pour the curdled milk in the cheesecloth set over a colander. Let drain.
  • Bring the ends of the cloth together, tighten it and drain excess water. If it is too hot to handle, let cold water run over it [this also allow to get rid of the lime taste].
  • To drain the maximum of water, place a heavy weight on the cheesecloth with the paneer inside. Let the weight rest for a good half an hour or more if needed.
  • After half an hour, the paneer will be ready to be used.
  • Cut into little cubes. 

  • The best quality milk will make better paneer. Use full cream milk to obtain softer paneer. 
  • You can freeze the paneer or preserve in a container with water for a couple of days.
  • From 1 litre of milk I obtained 125g of paneer.

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