Quick Tips

This page is dedicated to little tips and tricks that will be useful to you in the kitchen (hopefully!!) Feel free to drop in a comment for any additional tips..or tricks that you might have!

Use Your Used Vanilla Pod
  • Whenever you are using vanilla bean pods, do not throw them away!! Put them in your sugar jar to get vanilla sugar!

Heal a Burn Quickly
  • Both my index fingers just got burnt from holding a super hot tray (that came out straight from the oven at 250˚C..ouch that hurts..a lot!!). So, I read about a remedy which says, place the burnt area under cold water for a few seconds and on the still wet area, apply salt. Rub in, leave for a few seconds and then rinse! Trust me, it works..wonders!!

Honey Tip!
  • Apply a little bit of oil onto a spoon before inserting it into the honey jar. You'll see it'll come out easily without sticking.

How to easily deseed a chilli?
  • Cut the upper end of the chilli, (a few mm just below the stalk) and place chilli in between your hands, with the cut facing downwards and start rolling. The seeds will come out easily!

How to juice a lemon? [without using a juicer/squeezer]

  • Slightly press on the lemon and roll on a surface before cutting in half and squeezing out the juice.

Used half of a lemon and do not want to throw away the rest?
  • Cut the remaining lemon in wedges and freeze! Use them to pep your drinks!

How to toast nuts?
  • Preheat oven to 340˚/170˚C.
  • In a baking sheet, toss in the nuts.
  • If you want to toast flakes, then let toast for 1-2 minutes on each side, giving the sheet a gentle push in between the times.
  • If you are toasting whole nuts, let toast for 6 to 10 minutes.
How to skin nuts?
  • Once you are done toasting the nuts, place them in the center of a towel (preferably one with embroidery - it provides more friction).
  • Grab all the edges at the top, secure and press down with the side of your hand (still holding the edges) and swirl in clockwise/anticlockwise direction for a few minutes or until all the skins come off the nuts.

Why throw away the core of a pineapple?
  • You can use the core of a pineapple when making chilli paste! Yum! Adds a sweet taste to the chilli..

Make your own buttermilk!
  • To 1 cup of milk, add 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar or lemon/lime juice!


  1. hiya.. ur recipes are so wonderful... its really really appealing. well done. ill share ur page

  2. Hey there, Im glad you found the recipes to be wonderful ;) Keep checking for new recipes!

  3. I'm your greatest Fan... :)
    Thanks for sharing so much of your recipes and tips with us...
    Great Job,Well done <3


    1. Sharonne, you make me blush! Thank you very much again for the supportive words <3

    2. Willing to spend hours on your blog...
      I'm planning to bake "Pow" this Friday...
      hope it turns out as good as yours :)
      will keep you posted....
      oh how i love your Blog...hihihi

    3. Hey Anon, everybody who has tried my POW recipe, said the recipe worked wonders! Try it out and tell me for yourself :) I totally should get them to comment! Thanks again for your interest! I look forward to your feedback ;)

    4. Hello,
      I've tried your Pow recipe.....
      only one thing to say....you are the BEST :)
      it was just Perfect....

      Thanks again!


    5. Hello Rev,

      The Pow was above my expectations.....
      You are the best ... :)
      Would have loved to send you the pic to show you how great it was!


    6. Sharonne I am so so sooooo happy to know that it turned out good! I'll also praise your skills for that! I am very happy indeed! I would like to ask you a favour though, would you mind posting your photo and leaving the comment on the pow post? Just so readers read your very helpful and inspiring comment! Thank you :) Again, I am very very happy for you :)

    7. Would be pleased to share the photo,
      but how to upload pics??
      I'm not used to these technologies....lol


    8. Sharonne, you will have to upload the photo on a sharing website, i dont know if it works on facebook, do you have it uploaded there? Otherwise you can upload it on picmonkey and insert the image's link here where it is written image-url-here, then copy the whole thing in your comment [img]IMAGE-URL-HERE[/img]

      If its too much a hassle, let it be Sharonne,Im atleast glad it came out yummy!

  4. did Pow again yesterday!
    Becoming addicted to it.....lol
    Shall try something else by this weekend..hehehe

    ~ Sharonne ~


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