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I have finally decided to write the inescapable 'About Me' page, after 10 months of blogging! Well, I am Revathi, a university student, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, an absolute pet lover, lastly and obviously a passionate food blogger!


The fervency for cooking and baking has always been there! Not that this is about being crazy in love with cooking/baking but it does tell a little bit about my desire [to mix ingredients perhaps]; when I was 9ish I would make crazy 'recipes' with lots of ingredients, like I had once mixed one big pot of Masala Powder (euhhmm, about 1kg?) with water just for the fun of mixing and ultimately had to throw the phenomenal paste recipe out of the window from the third floor because mom had gotten back home unexpectedly!!

Actually, the idea of food blogging came from the one who inspires me - my other half, A, - and who's also one of my main food critics!! The primary one being my sister, S! 

That's S! Posey huh!! I think that pose runs in the family! I remember my mum doing the exact same pose too!
S's a bigger food lover, you can see it!!

Food, for me, is the undeniable connection that I have with people! Let's face it, we are not all born with equal abilities, or the same passion or from the same background! We are all different, may be I could discuss Finance subjects with my university mates, or some old sewing techniques learnt at school, which I barely remember, during some girls day out, but then it's not what we have in common! Food is my common ground with people! Every being has some particular dish, or cuisine or cooking technique (my boyfriend all the way! he's on the healthy-eating path!!).  So yes, this is how I connect with people...mostly!

I most certainly cook, not because I like blogging or eating, but because taking raw vegetables or ingredients and transforming them into a complete dish with a whole new  look makes me feel amazingly good! Honestly, I feel like some magician! Tadaaaaaaaaaa! No, I didn't mean that! But yes, it does make you feel proud when your own dish is looking stunningly beautiful and screaming 'dive into me right away!!' And when you do, you think to yourself, I am never buying any store-bought food now on!

Every blogger would agree that when you start blogging, the traffic to your blog is minimal, not to say less than 500 views the first month and I've had times when I wished to stop blogging and delete Easy Yummy Cookery! Trust me, running a blog is time consuming, not a hassle, no, but it does require time! When I was on my placement, it was practically impossible to even think about getting into my creativity zone - the kitchen! So, I was a little disheartened as the traffic to my blog, and my usual readers had decreased!

But He, never ceased to encourage me to write about foods I cook and bake, and I am thankful that he did because (baking and finally) blogging is an unbelievably amazing hobby - though I yet have to learn some good food photography techniques, but hey, that's a learning curve right! 

Update Jan 2014: My photos are now on Foodgawker! So yay!! I'm on the right foodagraphy path!!! 

Easy Yummy Cookery features both sweet dishes/desserts and entrées/main courses, notwithstanding the fact that I have to agree that I do bake a lot more sweet dishes than entrées/main courses, (I have a big sweet tooth!!) but there are many more recipes and entrées/main courses to come, so keep posted!!!

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  2. Great Work and really nice blog !
    gonna try some of these very soon :)
    keep the good work !

    1. Hey Anon! Please do, and I would love to know the outcome ;) Thank you very much ;)

  3. Hello, just wondering do you offer cooking classes? thanks

    1. Hey Anon, I am so sorry, but I am not a professional chef, very far from that! However, you can always try my recipes, I make them as easy as possible! Or if you have any query or anything please feel free to give me a buzz, I'ld be glad to be of any help ;)

  4. Hello,
    All i can say is....WAOW...
    I promise to try your recipes....
    you are doing a great job...
    Thumbs up :)

    1. Hey Sharonne, thank you very much for your encouraging words, means a lot to me :) Please do and let me know how it turns out, thank youuuu ;)

  5. Hello there i love you're cooking recipes...
    Therefore if you have any tips for me about healthy food here ,
    i'm on diet actually.. and nearly going crazy with your delicious yummy food i see...:)
    keep it up girl..

    1. Hello Nedliz, I've just posted a healthy banana oats breakfast! I would be happy if you read it ;)

  6. Hello there,
    i was so hungry when i saw and read about your recipes..
    Can you help with recipes for healthy diet, post some.. i'm on diet right now.
    i run out of ideas for my diet food ..
    keep it up..

    1. Hello :) I will definitely try new healthy recipes, I currently have a breakfast at the back of my mind, I'm gonna give that a try and post it in the coming days! Could be tomorrow itself, so keep posted! Thanks a lot for stopping by!

  7. Hi Reva!! You've got an amaizng Blog! And I love it..

  8. Hey revathi.
    Your blog is so awesome. I can totally relate to you about yor love of cooking and baking. You inspire me to get all my recipes up on a blog!!
    Thanks for the great recipes.

  9. Hey revathi!
    Your blog is awesome. It reminds me of how ive always loved to cook and bake since i was 8! I am inspired to get my recipes up on a blog now!
    Thanks for your great recipes.

  10. I came to EASY YUMMY COOKERY yesterday
    I was looking for a banana tart recipe
    Unknowingly I accumulated some ripe bananas
    I am going to give it a try.
    Thank you for the simplified explanation WELL hope I can do it. ah

    1. Hey there, I hope you managed to do it! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for new recipes coming up!


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