Pineapple Mousse Parfait

Have you ever come across sisters who are totally the opposite of each other? Totally might be an overstatement here, but what I mean to say is, they have different views about the same thing or if one of them likes reading the other does not, or if one of them is a fashion freak, the other just doesn't give a hoot about what she wears, I mean there are so many stuffs like these which would say they are friends but not sisters! Quite likely, me and my sister do not have the same passion for cooking, well she does make amazing delicacies but she's not much into cooking or baking! 

My point is, yesterday my brother-in-law-to-be, G, was coming home for dinner, so my sister had already made her mind onto the Entrée and the main course, and as it might seem obvious she let me decide on the dessert! My first thought was a chocolate roulade with a lusciously whipped cream and peaches or apricot! But she downright declined the idea, saying G doesn't actually like roulades or swissrolls! She then herself decided to make a coconut milk sago pudding which she had been eating at a relative's - N -place! I must say N does make finger-licking treats..I wish I stayed at hers! So we called her up, and took the coconut milk sago pudding - which I'll post later - along with a pineapple mousse parfait recipes. My sister kept telling me that never has it been any leftovers of this parfait at parties! So I gave my mind a little tease and imagine the look of it and while I was at it, I was actually beginning to feel the smoothness and fluffiness of it in my mouth and I categorically had to make it even if we had already agreed on one dessert! Unbelievably enough, tt's easy, effortless and above all incredibly succulent! I would also recommend this on occasions when you do not have time for complicated desserts!

Incredibly smooth and fluffy, you're gonna ask for two, three, more and more! 

  • Round Springform Pan (or 10 ramekins if you want them individually set)
  • Hand Mixer
  • 200ml of Evaporated milk (Refrigerate overnight)
  • 1 Packet of Moir's Pineapple Jelly
  • 3/4 Cup of Hot Water
  • 3/4 Cup of Cold Water
Update Jan 2014: I've tried this with some caramelised pineapple and slightly blowtorched it but you can skip the blowtorching! The caramelised pineapple added a yummy touch though! Give it a try!

Caramelised Pineapple (Enough for 10 Ramekins)

  • 1/4 Pineapple, diced in small cubes
  • 2 Tbsp of Light Brown Sugar
  • 1 Tsp of Butter

  • Pour evaporated milk into a bowl and whip with hand mixer until fluffy and doubled in volume. (Took me about 2 mins on lowest speed)
  • In another bowl, mix together the hot water and the jelly powder.
  • Mix until the powder has completely dissolved. Then add the cold water and mix well.
  • Slowly add the jelly mixture to the whipped evaporated milk and continue beating until well blended.
  • Pour into the springform pan or ramekins and let refrigerate for atleast 2 hours.
  • Meanwhile make the caramelised pineapple by melting the butter in a pan first, then toss the sugar and pineapple. Let cook for a 5 minutes or until the pineapple turn golden yellowish! Let cool.
  • Spoon the pineapple onto the mousse and serve!

Happy Devouring!


  1. That looks like an easy yet lipsmacking dessert...

    1. Ah yes, there's nothing as easy as this..and as I thought, there was no leftover :( Im making it again tomorrow! Thanks Raf ;)

  2. nice pictures , looks so delicious..yum yum

    1. Love anything made with pineapples. Beautifully presented with those needed flavors.

    2. If you love anything with pineapple, then you should be trying it out, you'll love it! Thank you ;)


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