Friday, 3 October 2014

Eggless Vanilla Cake

Dear Reader, I wish you a very Happy Navratri!

But the best part of today's post is that it's Easy Yummy Cookery's 2nd Anniversary!!!


2 years have gone by so quickly and I'm still here happily blogging! I still remember how I decided to start up food blogging on a whim and was inspired by Le Monsieur after sending him food photos of my Nutella Swiss Roll!! This post really shows how I've gone from a mediocre food photographer to a not so very bad one, hehe!!

Check out my first blogversary post, a year ago - Apricot Swiss Roll!

The past year has been a very fruitful one for Easy Yummy Cookery, most if not all of my food photos submitted to Foodgawker have been accepted and a cute article on Easy Yummy Cookery was published by L'Express - a famous Local Newspaper. 

I want to thank Le Monsieur for his invaluable touch he always brings to Easy Yummy Cookery, and most importantly I really want to thank my readers for being regular visitors of Easy Yummy Cookery, for taking the time to leave priceless comments, and for being amazing followers on FacebookGoogle+ and Pinterest!

 To mark today's anniversary, and as Halloween is around the corner, I decided to bake a cake and Halloween-theme it!!

And because we're fasting at the moment, I had to bake an eggless cake! 
I fiddled with this delicious and crowd-pleasing Vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and came up with an amazing, vegetarian substitute to your regular white cake!

Find out the How-To of this Spookilla Cake!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Oven Baked Garlic Butter Mussels

Seafood has been one of my very recent craze!
By recent I mean, maybe, some 3-4 years...If you had met me then, I would have been gutted at the sight of somebody eating seafood.

Well, gutted might be an overstatement here, but it's certainly, because I was a vegetarian at that time..
And now, like the mum would say... 
"there's no bigger carnivore than you"..."can't be!!"

Well, I don't blame her, and agree to every single word, they've been rightly used!
Justice has been made!

But that wasn't everything! No my dear!
She would even say;
"How can you eat mussels? Or oysters?"
"What is it about them, that is so appetising to you? Huh?"

And apparently oysters and mussels are men's food?
Yeah right....kill me!

Anyways! You've found the very essence of today's recipe!
Oven Baked Garlic Butter Mussels.
I was walking down the aisle of the fresh and cold section of Sik Yuen when I noticed that the Talley's Greenshell Mussels were selling for less than usual!
My hand reached out for a box before I knew!

And because I couldn't wait to cook something out of them..I decided to bake them with some garlic butter sitting on top!
That is the quickest and easiest yet delectably yummy thing you can do to seafood!

Even when they were in the oven I couldn't wait until when I would finally be able to dive into those shells, get the juicy flesh out of it and let the garlic butter taste linger on my taste buds!

Oh! Please allow me to give you the mum's feedback!!
"It tastes yummy, very yummy indeed..the right ratio of garlic to butter, not too spicy and the coriander leaves add a subtle flavour too"

Oven Baked Garlic Butter Mussels - Buttery, Garlicky, Slightly Spicy and are ready in 8 minutes!
Yes, it's the perfect quick starter!

If you've never had mussels before I urge you to try...please...atleast once!
This recipe will make you fall in love with mussels!


Mussels are very high in protein. Amongst all shellfish, they provide the most nutritional values.
They are specifically a rich source of vitamin B-12.
So if you're like me, and aren't a big fan of red meat, which provides the B-12 vitamin, you've got one healthy and yummy alternative - mussels!!!!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Linguine Alfredo with Cajun Shrimp

Happy September Readers!!!!

I know right, time flies!! I, too, can't believe we're already in September, which means that my birthday is like a month away (yay!!! can't wait!!) and that my ACCA exams are nearing (Nay, huh!)

Before these!
There's a very special event..and that is my 2nd Blogversary!
I still do not realise I've been blogging for almost two years! 
Mon Dieu!
I really want to do something special on that occasion but have yet to think about any kicking plan, but rest assured it is en cours with Le Monsieur!

Without any further delay, let's jump to the Recipe Of The Day - Linguine Alfredo with Cajun Shrimp!
I haven't always been a huge fan of pasta until recently!
Because in my books, pasta and shrimps are best friends! 

It's like Heaven in the mouth.
Don't you smirk!!
I'm serious!

This recipe does not take longer than 30 minutes to make (even 30 minutes are an overstatement here!).
And for the meagre time that it takes to make this flavoursome pasta dish, you will never believe that it can be this big on zippy cajun relish!

To add to it, though my sister, S, absolutely rejoiced this dish, the only thing she complained about was the taste of the parmesan!
She perfectly hates cheese!! Just like the mother, S!
I guess it's because they have the same initials!

As I write this, I must tell you I've been going crazy about pizzas lately! And have made tons of them, (one with cajun shrimp too!!). 
The two last ones were Margheritas, one with fresh mozzarella and the other had shredded mozzarella!

S, the sister, liked the one with the fresh mozzarella!
Surreal she is!
And that begins with an S too!!!

Happy Cooking!